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Here are few messages I received from some satisfied customers:





I just wanted to let you know that you blew our minds, it was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen and the most delicious cake I have ever tasted. It was such a gorgeous fixture in our room the whole evening and people could not stop talking about it. 

- Kelsey R

Thank you for such an amazing cake Annie! It was perfect! So gorgeous and completely delicious! Literally one of my Aunts was telling me that in her 50 years of life she has eaten a LOT of cake, but this was easily the best cake she had ever had!  

-Megan G.

I do not normally eat cake, or deserts for that matter, and actually did not have any at the party. It was the next day when we were having a light dinner of left over’s that my wife served me a slice of your beautiful cake . Simply put, this was the best cake I have ever tasted , .......yes ever,.... in my entire life. 

 You are a fantastic baker and nailed not just the  visual artistry, but the art of a beautiful cake that tastes even better than it looks.

-Brent S.

"It was the most incredible cake of all time. You are a serious talent. Perfect decadent chocolate but not too sweet. People were losing their minds over how amazing it was. My brother had 3 pieces. Thank you so so much!!!" 

-Tara Z.



Thank you so much for making our AMAZING wedding cake! It was SO beautiful and it tasted fabulous. I was both relieved (for my waistline) and disappointed that there was only a tiny portion left at the end of the night. Thank you again, we really appreciate your hard work and talent!

- Becky & Joe P.

This cake was so tasty!. I think that is what sets you apart from other cake makers Annie... you can make cakes that are so artistic and so realistic that it blows people's minds, but they also taste amazing!

-Jake M.

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