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Special Occasion Cakes

Here's a collection of custom cakes and special occasion cakes for you to peruse. Whether you need something fantastic for a kid's birthday cake, baby shower cake, wedding shower cake, bridal shower cake, or baptism cake, I've got you covered! 


Do you have an idea for your next party cake? Get in touch with me to chat about it!

Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Cake
Fan and favourite things cake
Minion Cake
nintendo classic cake
Patisserie Storefront Cake
black chanel purse 2.0-4
Animal Party cake
Free floating fish cake
Tree Stump with mushrooms
Brontosaurus Cake
Cheetah Fault Line Cake
Pokeball Pikachu Cake
Sculpted Lemon Cake
Record Player Cake
Golden Rhino Cake
loaf of bread cake
Mouse in a House
Gravity defying Coffee Pouring Cake
French Bulldog Cake
Jungle Cake
Teapot cake
The Vacay that Got Away
Outer Space cake
Chanel Purse Black cake
Pig Cake
Elephant topper with bunting
Briefcase cake
Tiki cake
Looloo Kids Sophie Giraffe Cake
wine bottle cake
Hope Cake
Bear in a Balloon
Rooster Cake
Favourite Things Cake
Peter Rabbit Cake
Storm Trooper cake
Mint and gold with Sugar flowers
Cognac and Cigars
Skull cake
Dr. Seuss Cake
Wine Bottle Cake
Pastel Drippy Cake
Wine the Pooh and Friends
Pizza Cake
Watershed Down Cake
Tarepanda Cake
Marie Antoinette Cake
Tim Hortons Cake
Charlie Brown Cake
Cookies n' Cream Cake
Wonder Woman Cake
Winnie the Pooh Cake
Campbell's Soup Cake
Strawberry Cake
Head of Garlic Cake
Cocomelon Cakes
Monster truck cake
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